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Blogger of the month for October is… Lauren!

Massive congrats to Lauren from A Style Edit for winning BOTM for October. Her content is FAB so definitely have a browse of her blog.

We asked her a few questions about her blogging and her style…

·   When did you start blogging and what prompted you to start? I had a play around with blogging after meeting a music blogger several years ago and as I have always been interested in styling I decided I would start a blog to share my own style. I didn’t have a camera so would take photos on my phone (which were not the best) and use a really dramatic Instagram filter to edit the photos. That blog got deleted. I then in 2014 I brought my first DSLR camera and started on the journey to get to where my blog is today.

·      Who is your blogspiration i.e. which bloggers inspire you? All bloggers inspire me. We have created an industry for ourselves, out of our bedrooms for most of us and I think that is so inspiring, not just for bloggers but also for every one. Some of my favourite bloggers are Alex from Alex’s Closet her style is amazing & really versatile, one minute she will be wearing killer heels and the next really sporty trainers with a puffer coat. Also Aimee Song from Song of Style, her style is so well put together but effortless.  

·      What’s the one thing you wished you'd known when you starting blogging? To be more confident. I was always really embarrassed to go out and take photos on the street, which was holding me back because I knew what I wanted my blog/photography to look like but didn’t have the confidence to go out and do it.

·      How would you describe your style? I’d probably say smart casual with a bit of an edge. I also dress to suit my mood; a few weeks ago I wore a bright pink suit with trainers and loved it.

·      What wardrobe item could you not live without? Jeans, definitely jeans. They just go with everything! 

·      What are your top five favourite items from 

·      Leather Stud Strap Boots -

·      Pink Faux Fur Coat -

·      Red Cable Cardigan -

·      Heel Sock Boots (all colours) -

·      Knee High Block Heel Boots -

·      Where do you go to write your blog? I usually go to a local coffee shop, I find I get more done. When I’m at home it’s easy to get side tracked and start procrastinating.

·      I am not just a blogger, I’m also... A student.

·      What are your blogging goals for 2018? To be able travel with my blog would be amazing. I would love to create some NYC street style content; it’s like the ultimate location. To grow my blog and more opportunities to work with brands that I love. And inspire more women to wear what they want.


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